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Monday, May 22, 2006
  Doesn't Jack believe in his own medicine?
Inclusion Daily Express

For the fourth year in a row, Jack Kevorkian's attorney has pleaded with Michigan's governor to release him early, saying that it is cruel to keep "Dr. Death" in prison because of his poor health.

Each time, the attorney has argued that Kevorkian will probably not last much longer behind bars.

Each year, Kevorkian has lived another 12 months to "suffer" from the plight that he created for himself (don't forget, he's the one who pushed CBS and "60 Minutes" for the chance to announce his crime -- complete with video -- in front of millions of viewers on national television).

If Jack is a victim, he's simply a victim of his own zealousness or whatever it was that drove him past the edge of human decency, not to mention, the law.

I wonder why this "suffering Jack" isn't talking about ending his own torment through the same means he used to help at least 130 others to end their lives.

Do you suppose he's found the light, that living with a medical condition or disability is, after all, better than not living at all?


He just doesn't want to have to pay for his crime.

Dave Reynolds
You need to consider the fact that every individual has in their own idea, what they are and are not willing to live with. In some cases, an idividual may feel that their pain and suffering are just to great and that
their only way to end their suffering is to end thier life. You also need to consider the amount of stress that the individuals may have dealt with, like medicines and health treatments that may have had little to no effect.
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